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 GeoMagix v2.02 for WINDOWS 9x

Year 2010 model WMM file is now available. IGRF file coming soon.
Click here to download the zip file or download from

GeoMagix is a software package written by Interpex Limited of Golden, Colorado, USA and distributed as Shareware. You are free to use this package for 30 days and are free to redistribute it as long as you do not charge for distribution and as long as it is distributed in its entirety. After 30 days, you are required to register the package if you wish to continue using it. This is the Interpex Windows 32-bit version of the user interface for the USGS program GEOMAG, written by John M. Quinn of the USGS. GeoMagix itself is copyrighted by Interpex Limited. All other files distributed with this package are public domain, distributed by the USGS.  

GEOMAG uses numerical models of the earth's magnetic field derived from measurements taken by the USGS, the British Geological Survey and other world and government organizations. Each model is stored in an ASCII file with the extension .COF. File names indicate the source and/or region and year of validity. Most models are valid for 5 years from their date, except for the BGS historical models which are valid for 50, 40 or 20 years.

Version 2.0 allows you to name each location. This name will be used as the file name, so it should not contain any characters illegal in file names. The "Save Location" button creates a file using the location name with the extension ".LOC". Use the "Get Location" button to retrieve the contents of previously saved locations. The "Print Location" button will send a printout of the results to the printer.

"Export Location" is used to create a comma separated value file which can contain one or more locations. The first time you use this command, you are asked to name the file. Then the headers and the data for the present location are written. Subsequent use of the "Export Location" button will append the data for the new locations to this file. Exiting GeoMagix will close the file and you can now import it into spreadsheets, such as Excel or contouring software such as Surfer.

"Make Grid" is used to create a comma separated value ("CSV") file which contains data on a regular grid. When you use this command, you are asked to name the file. Then the headers are written into the file. You are presented with a dialog box containing the starting, ending and increment values for the longitude and latitude of the grid. When you press "OK", GeoMagix will write the results of the grid into the file, then close the file. You can now import the file into spreadsheets, such as Excel or contouring software such as Surfer.

The program is available in both DOS and Windows 9x and NT versions. The Windows version should run under any Windows OS from Win 95 on.

Comments and questions on the operation of GeoMagix itself should be directed to Interpex Limited, questions on the science and mathematics of the magnetic models should be directed to Dr Jeffrey Love:

Download the Geomagix Software

Dr Jeffery Love
National Geomagnetic Information Center
U. S. Geological Survey, MS 968
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We hope you enjoy GeoMagix and find it useful.

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