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  • Designed for Windows 9x, NT and XP 

  • Protected with convenient USB key

  • Supports flat ASCII, XYZ ASCII and MAGIX formats.

  • Supports density for gravity data and susceptibility and remanent magnetization for magnetics data.

  • Inversion parameters include density or susceptibility and vertical and/or horizontal movement of selected vertices groups of vertices or bodies.

  • Supports real-time forward modeling while moving vertices, moving or rotating bodies.

  • Forward algorithm is based on the Rasmussen and Pedersen method.

  • Inman-style Ridge Regression is used for nonlinear least-squares fitting (inversion).

  • Presentation graphics with density/susceptibility color fill and text or property labels

  • Documentation consists of a detailed Windows Help, a PDF manual and a PowerPoint tutorial




2-Dimensional Gravity/Magnetics Interpretation Software

Designed for Windows 9x and NT  

Download the Software

View the Tutorial

IX2D is an interactive 2-D gravity and magnetics forward modeling and inversion package based on polygonal models which can be truncated asymmetrically along strike. It is basically a port of MAGIX XL to Windows, complete with translation of MAGIX functionality to a true Windows interface.

To evaluate this package, download the tutorial and run it. It is a PowerPoint PPS file. Then, download and install the software and run it with the demo data set. Be sure to open and peruse the HELP file and PDF manual. Contact Interpex with any questions.

Features Include:

  • Real-time forward modeling while moving vertices, moving or rotating bodies.

  • Inverse modeling with selected parameters.

  • Control over free parameters.

  • Locking together of vertices.

  • User friendly prevention of illegal bodies.

  • Hotkeys allow quick changes to graphics - show locks, free vertices or color fill.

  • Toolbar buttons offer quick access to most-used functions.

  • Virtually no limit on size of data or model.

  • Automatic and user-specified labels.

  • User-specified line colors.

  • Annotated color fill for body parameters.

  • Spreadsheet data editors with copy & paste.

  • Spreadsheet model editors.

  • Optional grid lines on display.

  • ASCII File import and export of data, synthetics and models.

  • Import of MAGIX Plus/MAGIX XL files.

IX2D-GM™ screen showing a sample screen with a synthetic magnetic model and data. This model contains two dyke-like bodies and several layers.

Data entry options:

  • Import of data from flat ASCII files.

  • Import of data from XYZ style ASCII files.

  • Import of data from MAGIX ASCII files or of data and model from MAGIX binary files.

  • Copy and paste of data from other spreadsheets into the data editor as shown below.


IX2D-GM™ Data editor dialog box.

Bodies and layers can be numerically edited and numerically imported from MAGIX model files. They can also be copied from a third-party spreadsheet and pasted into the grid in the dialog box.

Bodies and layers can be edited numerically. They are checked for legality after editing.

Vertices can be locked to each other so they move as a pair or group. For instance, in the salt dome model below, many of the layers share vertex locations with those on the salt body and are locked together so the salt dome can be moved somewhat and the layers will deform to accommodate it.

Synthetic salt dome gravity data set with one body and many layers.

Vertices can be inserted graphically by positioning the mouse and clicking. A modeless dialog allows for insertion parameters to be changed during the creation of a layer or body. If Snap is selected, the new position will snap to the vertex to which you are pointing (cursor turns to a crosshair when pointing) and if Lock is selected, it will be locked to said vertex. Attempts to insert illegal vertices can be ignored or the vertex can be moved back to make it legal. The fix/free status of each vertex is set as it is inserted. 

Vertex insertion dialog allows for changes as vertices are inserted.

Bodies are closed by creating an additional edge between the last and first vertex. Layers are bodies which are entered from left to right and closed automatically with five edges at virtual infinity to the right, bottom and left.

Bodies or layers can be entered using the mouse. This shows layer entry.

Plot colors used to draw lines can be user selected. The user also has control over the color fill range, blue-to-red or red-to-blue and pixel density for the color fill.

Colors used to draw lines can be user selected.

If an illegal model is created when moving a body or vertex, the body and synthetic change color and the cursor becomes a slashed circle indicating the problem. The body or vertex reverts back to the last legal position when the mouse button is released.

Illegal model showing slashed circle and color change for synthetic and body.

Vertices are moved by pointing at the vertex, depressing the left mouse button, moving the mouse and  releasing the button. The entire body or layer containing the vertex can be moved by depressing the right mouse button instead. The synthetic curve can be updated continuously as the vertex or body is moved, when the button is released or not at all.

Synthetic curve is updated as the model is changed graphically with the mouse.

There are two kinds of labels; property labels and text labels. Property labels show the properties of the model at the arrow point (or center of label if no arrow is present). Text labels show whatever text the user enters. Arrows can be created, moved or deleted and labels can be moved or resized in the normal Windows manner.

Graphic illustration of the options available for graphically editing the labels.

ASCII file output of the model, data or synthetic data, as well as DXF, CGM and WMF graphics files are available for export.

Licensing and Distribution

IX2D-GM is distributed as copy-protected software. The software can be downloaded and it works fully only with the demo data supplied. The license allows for a 30-day evaluation period. After the evaluation you are required to purchase the package in order to continue using it. Purchase price is US$1,499.00. Licenses are offered with your choice of USB or Parallel key.

Licensed Versions

Licensed users can obtain e-mail support by sending requests for assistance, bug fixes and feature enhancements to Please include the serial number, version number and attach the files with which you are having problems to your e-mail request.

The newest version can be downloaded from this website and will work with your licensed hardware key. Updates are free if you download them from our web site. Please download the newest version before you contact technical support. There may be an update that fixes the problem you are having.



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