Interpex is a software company dedicated to the production of high quality software for the processing, interpretation and display of geophysical data.

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History of Interpex Limited

Interpex Limited was formed in May of 1986 in Golden, Colorado, USA by Charles Stoyer and Bridget Taylor. Crude oil prices had dropped to around $8 per barrel and jobs for Geophysicists in Denver, Colorado had fallen to an all-time low. The IBM PC had become firmly entrenched as a "standard" machine available to all geophysicists, particularly those working in the field. We had seen a need for software products in the mining, engineering, environmental and groundwater markets and decided to form a company dedicated to software development in these areas.

Ron Bell joined Interpex as a partner several months later as our marketing director. At this time we were all working from home. Ron's ties were mostly to the mining industry although the engineering and environmental industries were coming along and utilizing similar tools.

In April of 1988 Interpex had become successful enough to begin to expand. Coincident with the second SAGEEP meeting held at the Green Center at the Colorado School of Mines, Interpex began moving into a building about two blocks away in downtown Golden, which would soon become known as "Interpex House" after the English custom.

Within a few years, Interpex grew to 12 employees and boasted almost 30 different software products, selling to almost all corners of the world. Ron Bell was instrumental in the direction of many of these product's development, in particular the ones pertaining to Seismic Refraction and to the MaxMin and similar frequency-domain electromagnetic instruments. We received the Colorado Governor's award for excellence in exports in 1991. Gradually the number of employees settled to around 6 or 8 as the worldwide market grew and Interpex realized its labor needs.

In 1991, Ron decided to leave the partnership and pursue his own instruments in the geophysical world, leaving us without a marketing director. The next sales and marketing personnel were not good.

In 1993, Christo Slee came from his native South Africa to join Interpex as Director of Marketing. Interpex had been searching for several years and Christo was the best agent for Interpex worldwide. Christo contributed greatly to the design of some of the later DOS products. He became a partner in 1999 and was mostly responsible for the design of the early Windows development. Christo left in the Summer of 2004 to pursue his Off-Road business, which had become much more lucrative to him at that point than the geophysical software market..

In the late 1990's it became obvious that Interpex products needed to move to Windows. Being written in FORTRAN 77 and running in DOS was not good enough anymore, for most people. Interpex embarked on the IXeTerra "Workbench" which was to be a container for all different kinds of data and the tools with which to manipulate, process, model and interpret it. In mid 2004, it became obvious that IXeTerra had been designed beyond what could be built and was abandoned. Interpex had sold Interpex House and moved to smaller quarters in mid 2001.

In the meantime, however, several Windows "shareware" products had been developed. These emulated the early DOS products in their simplicity but were designed with Windows functionality, look and feel and ran totally in a Windows setting.  Some of these were expanded to full-blown software products and new product development began, in a new effort to replace the DOS products.

The philosophy of the Windows products differs from those of the DOS in that, rather than having a separate product for every conceivable type of method, each Windows product addresses as many different methods as practical in a single package with different licensing of capability as required.

Interpex celebrated it's 5th anniversary in 1991 on the rooftop in La Torre, near Ponte Veccio in Firenze (Florence) Italy in conjunction with the EAEG meeting, and again at Interpex House in Golden. The 10th anniversary party was at Grant Humphrey's Mansion in Denver, coincident with the SEG in  1996. The 15th anniversary party was at the Buffalo Rose in Golden, CO, in conjunction with the SAGEEP meeting in 2001. Our 20th anniversary party was celebrated at the 19th annual meeting in Bellview, WA in April, 2006, where we hosted the bar for the icebreaker. Apparently this set a precedent as Zonge hosted the icebreaker bar for their anniversary party in 2007. Our 25th anniversary was celebrated at the 24th annual SAGEEP meeting in Charleston when Interpex hosted the wine for the conference evening dinner. The 30th Anniversary at the SAGEEP in Denver was celebrated by distributing 30th anniversary pint (beer) glasses.

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