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Version 3.52 21 August 2013

Fixed problem with delete and insert row in TEM editor

Fixed problem with model grid skewing when station/profile axis has large numbers with small range.

Changed the way error is calculated for Frequency EM data when PPM is used instead of percent to make it the same as when percent is used.

Fixed bug causing crash when File/New Sounding was cancelled and then used again.

Changed RMS error export to write 2 digits after the decimal point.

Version 3.51 24 April 2012

Fixed bugs with sounding rename not sticking.

Fixed problem with soundings not in order along profile when east or north coords were selected for station.

Fixed problem with soundings being deleted when a profile was saved after soundings were removed from the profile.

Version 3.50 18 May 2011

Ported code to the Intel v 12 compiler and Visual Studio 2010. Legacy Compaq Visual Fortran version 3.46 is still available. Note new name for executable is IX1Dv3.exe so both Intel and legacy CVF versions can exist in the same directory.

Fixed problem with ghosts appearing for "lit" soundings in profile display

Added early time apparent resistivity as an option for most TEM data types.

Fixed problem with model copy/paste.

Added display of earth resistivity at mouse cursor position in status bar in profile window.

Fixed map autoscale to not allow skinny axes.

Fixed problem in wire segment editor that delete row did not work properly.

Version 3.46 18 April 2011

Implemented use of dummy character in USF format to specify unknown values.

Implemented more friendly warning of unrecognized keywords in USF import.

Implemented a Segmented Wire Source for TEM. This can be a grounded wire or closed loop (there is a flag for closing the loop). Wire sources require at least two corners and closed loop sources require at least 3. There is practically no limit to the number of corners.

Implemented SEGMENTED WIRE TEM and SEGMENTED LOOP TEM arrays in the USF format description, along with a means of inputting the source corners.

Fixed problem with implementation of error bars in the inversion.

Added menu option to turn use of error bars in the inversion on and off.

Version 3.45 14 October 2010

Added messages to show more information on errors while reading USF files. Also updated the USF specification.

Fixed a bug which prevented the print of the sounding graphic.

Fixed a bug which resulted in the cancellation of the forward model when pressing OK in the model editor even if no changes had been made.

Fixed a bug which caused the elevation section to have a red or blue vertical line on the right side of the graph in cases where "pinned" colors were saturated instead of white.

Fixed a bug which caused the elevation section color fill to intrude into the data area, leaving a red band.

Fixed bug which disallowed Edit/Paste Model unless there was a data graph in the clipboard.

Fixed problem when importing only VMD data using XYZ import.

Added capability to display color section for homogeneous earth models.

Added capability to display short line for single point EM Conductivity soundings.

Added ability to import and sort well log data that was listed backwards (deep to shallow) in well log file.

Added Edit/Paste Model and Data Graphs to sounding window menu so that both graph axes could be pasted in a single operation.

Fixed a problem with the "Use Masked Points" checkbox toggling as the data editor was entered and exited for some array types.

Changed last field in Batch Run Options dialog to reflect smooth model inversions correctly.

Fixed problem which made export of resolution matrix overwrite data, not showing full details.

Fixed problem with MT Bostick, Nibblet and Redline items in View menu showing up with FEM data.

Version 3.44 20 April 2010

Splitting a layer now splits at the point where you right-click the mouse for all layers.

When graphically editing the model, the new forward curve is shown on the display as the layer parameter or interface is moved. If the model is put back to its original position (within 2.5%), the original model is restored and the graphical edit is aborted.

Added functionality to estimate layered models for EM Conductivity data. This is similar to the Estimate Smooth Model command except that the number of layers can be as low as 1 and the depths are free to vary in the inversion (for 2 or more layers).

Added functionality to edit coil locations in Edit Station Locations dialog when fixed loop or LOTEM data are present. Coil locations cannot be edited for stations which are not fixed loop or LOTEM data.

Fixed problem with receiver coil area not being used in TEM calculations for uV/A data.

Version 3.43 29 November 2009

Fixed problem that caused some crash with system response lengths when loading USF and then saving/opening the data files.

Fixed problem with inversions not totally ignoring masked points.

Fixed problem with Easting/Northing/Profile coordinate not being specified in XYZ model export.

Added Batch Graphics Export for Soundings.

Fixed problem with profile names entered by user not sticking and some other issues with creating profile lines.

Added renaming capability for soundings in map and sounding windows.

Added renaming capability for profiles in map and profile windows.

Fixed problems with some of the inversion options for resistivity/IP data not working.

Added copy/paste/paste to all for data and model graph axes.

Fixed problem with pointing at IP data point values not working.

Added color change with segment change for Schlumberger arrays.

Fixed a number of minor bugs apparent when importing flat ASCII file data from scratch.

Version 3.42 22 September 2009

Added support for instrument height in all FEM arrays - Horizontal Coplanar, Vertical Coplanar and Vertical Coaxial.

Version 3.41

Fixed problem with CSMT radio button not being picked up.

Fixed problem with import of error bars in USF files for TEM data.

Finished implementing error bars in calculation and inversion for TEM data. Added option to use error bars or not in Calculate menu.

Fixed problem with V/AM2 unit data imported in USF format so it is not multiplied by current.

Added export of printer listing from sounding, profile and map windows.

Changed Estimate Smooth Model so Estimate Starting Model is available in Batch and Quick Batch. Check box for Estimate Starting Model is in
the starting model dialog. If it is checked, the starting model parameters are greyed out and not used.

Fixed problem in split layer when there are two layers (and you split the second?) where thickness of added layer is zero.

Fixed problem where "No layered models found" message was displayed if there were no valid forward calculations in layered models and smooth
models were not selected for display.

Fixed printer listing to export voltage for TEM data if File/Export/Apparent Resistivity is not checked.

Fixed problem with non-compatibility with older files that had equivalence analysis without storing the synthetics

Added support for temporary keys. Status, days left and expiration date is displayed for temporary keys, even after expiration.

Version 3.39 15 August 2008

Added apparent resistivity export for TEM data as an option instead of voltage.

Added ability to view synthetic curves from equivalent models by pointing at the equivalent model in the model display.

Fixed a recently introduced bug where double arrow cursors did not appear when pointing at a model.

Fixed problem with MT import from EDI files not setting array to MT

Fixed problem with USF import of MT data not working correctly

Fixed problem with EDI file import when lines were longer than 80 characters.

Fixed flat file ASCII import for MT so it would recognize words containing "*" as an unknown value.

Fixed problem with IP not working properly in voltage/current editor

Version 3.38 25 December 2007

Fixed problem with deleting points in Schlumberger data using mouse right-click by recalculating shifts.

Prevent array overflow in shifting segments.

Recalculate shifts for Schlumberger data when they point to values beyond array limits.

Fixed problem with saved flag not being reset when a smooth model was estimated from the sounding window.

Version 3.37 November 2007

Fixed bug in display of TEM loop data

Fixed bugs in import of IXR files generated by DOStoWIN.EXE from DOS files.

Added array Controlled Source MT (aka CSMT, CSAMT).

Fixed pseudosection display for MT and CSMT.

Prepared a user's manual for TEM2IX1D in PDF format.

Fixed problem with reading in Horizontal Coplanar, Vertical Coplanar and Vertical Coaxial data from USF file.

Fixed map interaction so that soundings and profiles could be selected at the same time by pointing closer to a sounding than a part of the profile line.

Released new Help file with updates and pictures, plus a printable PDF manual.

Version 3.36 16 February 2007

Fixed a bug which caused a problem with smooth model estimation after using right-click to delete points on data curve.

Fixed a bug which did not allow for Occam's inversion in batch and quick batch profile modes by adding a checkbox for Occam's flag to the Starting Smooth Model dialog.

Fixed USF import so as not to truncate hundredths and further decimal places when reading floating point numbers.

Fixed XYZ model file export to correct several bugs.

Added editing of colors used in graphs.

Added option to format X and Y output for latitude longitude, rather than distance (more decimal places).

Fixed a problem which caused an error of a factor of 4 in Geonics TEM calculations for sweeps 2 and higher, which was introduced in version 3.35.

Version 3.35 January 2007

Added XYZ import for DC Resistivity data

Added option to switch on/off selection of soundings and/or profiles with mouse cursor.

Fixed printout for TEM to show correct headers and apparent resistivity. Changed print color to black.

Fixed a bug which caused a crash when displaying sections for 1-layer models.

Added "Transfer" command to copy synthetic to data with added noise.

Added LSPLINE definition to the INI file so that, for TEM calculations, the pre-splined kernel can be switched off.

Fixed a problem which would sometimes cause a crash when importing data from USF files.

Fixed a problem which could result in the number of turns for TEM data to be set to a very large number in cases where the number of turns was not specified explicitly in the file.

Expanded the word size in the flat ASCII MT data import from 20 to 30 characters to accommodate ASC files written by Metronix.

Fixed a problem importing USF data files generated by terraTEM where the input voltage was mistakenly multiplied by the current.

Version 3.34 August 2006

Added capability to import several TEM files in one import. This was designed mainly as an addition to the interface TEM2IX1D. TEM2IX1D is mainly to supplement the interface to Geonics instruments but it works for Zonge and Sirotem as well.

Version 3.33 May 2006

Fixed some problems with USF data import for Coincident Loop data in V/A.

Added SINGLE LOOP TEM data type to USF import so it imports as Coincident Loop.

Fixed problem with Coincident Loop data not being edited as TEM data.

Version 3.32 5 May 2006

Fixed a bug with the USF import of IP sounding data.

Implemented the LOTEM data type: Grounded Wire TEM.

Fixed bug with statics not being displayed/edited in the MT data editor.

Improved graphical model editing for thin layers

Fixed problem with profile color bar not displaying properly

Added control over profile color bar range and properties in View/Properties 

Version 3.31 6 February 2006

Fixed a bug which caused a crash when DC Resistivity data was entered with voltage and current.

Version 3.30 22 January 2006 

Fixed problem with importing XYZ file data when more than 1000 points were imported.

Fixed so that importing data into an otherwise blank database will auto-scale the model

Added option in Sounding Window so that starting model for smooth model estimation can be automatically estimated or entered by user. Previous versions allowed only for automatic estimation in sounding window.

Fixed problem with shifting/not shifting Schlumberger data.

Added edit for linear depth axis in View Properties.

Added functionality for Export/IXR Binary Sounding File which apparently was never implemented.

Added V/A as option for import of TEM data from flat ASCII file.

Fixed TEM voltage display to show actual voltage units

Added additional coil configurations to the XYZ import for Frequency EM data.

Added units to well log import.

Added option to plot profile lines in different colors for different lines (View/Profile Line Colors).

Fixed a number of very minor problems found while making the tutorials.

Version 3.29 12 December 2005

Fixed Well log window menu so that Import well log replaced import w/single popup.

Fixed well log model output so last layer is written

Fixed well log model output so two decimal places are written

Fixed well log cumulative conductance so that segments are drawn without jogs connecting segments.

A problem concerning crashing while importing some GEM-2 data files seems to be fixed.

Version 3.28 6 November 2005

Fixed USF import so masks would be correctly registered for Frequency EM and MT data.

Fixed bug in USF import which did not utilize current value on V/A and V/Am2 units.

Added Large Circular Loop Hz data type - this is still in prototype stages and not working yet.

Fixed problem with profile selection and highlighting during profile creation on map screen.

Fixed display of location data in Edit TEM data dialog.

Fixed so Help now works from sounding or profile window.

Fixed bug with View/Voltage for TEM data.

Added documentation for Zaborovsky tab in View/Properties in profile window.

Fixed View/Properties so last used tab would appear as default in subsequent edits.

Fixed bug which sometimes caused crash when estimating smooth models for TEM data.

Fixed so that map display would be refreshed if profile creation was cancelled.

Version 3.27 4 October 2005

Added check for negative time values in forward calculation to avoid crash.

Version 3.26 29 August 2005

Fixed USF import for TEM to agree with the specification more closely.

Model is rescaled after "File/New Model"

Fixed XYZ import so that profile coordinate is correctly generated when the profile or station coordinate is not present in the file and the column for it is set to 0.

Fixed a problem with autoscaling of the map display

Version 3.25 14 July 2005

Repaired problem with depth and thickness being mislabeled when printing the equivalence information.

Added odometers to the well log processing window.

Improved operation of zoom function in well log processing.

Improved operation of segment break removal by right click in well log processing.

Added Depth to the model printout.

Added longitudinal conductance and transverse resistance to the model export.

Added export for equivalent models to ASCII file.

Fixed problem with display synchronization when a single sounding is imported.

Fixed problem which would sometimes cause program to crash on XYZ import.

Fixed problem with stretch factor and inverted axes in Zaborovsky plots.Version 

3.24 27 April 2005

Increased compatibility with Geonics USF format files generated by new version of Geonics' PROTIX program.

Fixed bug in selection of Create Profile menu options

Version 3.23 24 April 2005

Fixed goofy behaviour of some columns in dialog grid controls (spreadsheets).

Fixed USF file import for TEM to read time from beginning, not end, of ramp.

Added option to identify sounding names w/labels on Zaborovsky plots (View Properties).

Added funtionality to export (pseudo)section grids for use in other contouring software (not fully tested).

Added option to stretch Zaborovsky plots (View Properties).

Fixed problem with autoscaling (Unzoom) not working properly for Zaborovsky plots in some cases.

Version 3.22 9 April 05

Minor changes to USF import for TEM data.

Saving sounding taken from profile updates profile display.

Closing sounding window taken from profile checks for save changes.

Added Delete here to end to right click menu on point in sounding window.

Fixed unzoom for profile which was not working very well.

Found and fixed a few bugs which would cause the software to crash.

Version 3.21 15 March 05

Fixed problem with model section not displaying with some layered models.

Fixed problem with marking and unmarking of sounding on profile.

Version 3.20 5 March 05

Fixed problem with map having one axis convert to km while the other does not properly convert.

Version 3.19 15 February 2005

Changed this text so that the newest changes are on top.

Fixed problem with child windows (profile and sounding) being covered by main map window.

Fixed problem with northing and easting columns in XYZ file input being retained if zero.

Changed XYZ file input so that the LINE name is read after removing N/S/E/W and used as northing or easting if the column it is being read from is zero.

Fixed problem with synthetic array not being allocated for MT tbl file and TEMIX .TEM file input.

Fixed problem with smooth inversion along profile not working with demo data for TEM (and no hardware key).

Version 3.18 7 February 2005

Fixed problems with masking not working correctly with the TEM data editor spreadsheet

Version 3.17 3 February 2005

Fixed problem with model spreadsheet dialog editor which was introduced when numeric and graphic model display was synchronized.

Fixed problem with model being displayed on same graph as data for arrays for which it makes no sense.

Version 3.16 25 January 2005

Fixed problems with graphics export not working (DXF, CGM, WMF).

Fixed problem with model export from well log interpretation not working.

Added paste model to selection to right-drag profile menu as it was left out of 3.15 inadvertently.

Found and repaired one more place that could potentially cause crash problems.

Fixed calculations so that unknown values would not cause data misfits.

Fixed profile pseudosection so frequency scale increases downwards when MT data is used.

Fixed elevation section display to erase colored section above topography line.

Version 3.15 22 January 2005

Made well log import more robust to ignore file records with no data

Changed colors on well log display

Implemented zoom and improved grid on well log display.

Fixed problem with graphical model editing not working when model was displayed on data graph.

Implemented graphical model editing while editing model numerically.

Synchronized the numerical model editing with the graphic display of the model.

Implemented a right-drag rubber band box on the profile display which allows you to select a range of soundings along the profile and then remove or delete them, delete their layered or smooth models, paste model to selection or estimate smooth models for selection. This works like the zoom rubber band box, except you press the right mouse button to use it.

Added check box to reverse color fill sequence. Normally, red is conductive, blue is resistive.

Version 3.14 21 January 2005

Found bug which caused write errors when saving data and fixed.

Version 3.13 11 January 2005

Added color scale bar to section and pseudosection plots for Contour Fill.

Added option to plot data as black line, rather than points, on sounding and profile plots.

Found and repaired a bug which caused crashes when creating new soundings

Version 3.12 10 January 2005

Implemented use of arrow keys to step through soundings in profile display.

Added initialization of miscellaneous variables in sounding allocations.

Fixed problem with Unzoom when used on profile data.

Fixed problem showing data value when point and left click on data point for EM Conductivity and Frequency domain EM data.

Fixed several miscellaneous bugs which caused the program to crash.

Implemented voltage plots for TEM profiles.

Fixed horizontal axis scaling for Zaborovsky plots using EM Conductivity data.

Version 3.11 5 January 2005

Fixed Edit Model spreadsheet so Tab and Shift-Tab move right and left among cells. Enter 
does same as pressing Forward button.

Fixed Edit Data spreadsheets so Tab and Shift-Tab move right and left among cells and Enter 
moves down one cell. This was implemented in some but not all data spreadsheets.

Version 3.10 4 January 2005

Fixed a bug which did not allow for screen graphics after export of DXF, CGM or WMF.

Fixed problem with import of ASCII model files.

Version 3.09 27 December 2004

Now developing and debugging in Windows XP Professional SP2

Fixed an additional bug which caused crash problems in USF import

Fixed a bug in TEM data editor.

Version 3.08 22 December 2004

Fixed dialog box for Starting Smooth model to say Conductivity instead of Resistivity for EM Conductivity profile data.

Fixed bug in which data point masks were not used. 

Removed the percent/ppm radio buttons from the XYZ import dialog box for EM Conductivity data.

Fixed profile display so that it updates if a new sounding is selected, a sounding is already open in the sounding window and that sounding has been modified.

Edit/Paste Model now works in the sounding window when sounding is selected from a profile.

The color bar for EM Conductivity data was reversed. This is fixed.

Generating a profile for TEM soundings resulted in a Zaborovsky plot with a zero-length time axis. That is fixed.

Version 3.07 17 December 2004

Fixed 2 bugs in USF import which caused crash problems in certain circumstances.

Fixed minor problem with scaling map with Fixed Loop TEM data

Version 3.06 16 December 2004

Modified simple startup banner to include version number.

Modified Help/About to include serial number of hardware key (0 if no hardware key)

Fixed bug in USF output for TEM data.

Version 3.05

Fixed major bug which caused a crash when saved from the sounding window while the profile is open.

Fixed several minor bugs

Version 3.04 9 December 2004

Made some changes to speed up TEM calculations which check for hardware key. Released new TEM and DC files which might help solve some bugs encountered with users of the demo which we cannot reproduce here. 

Version 3.03 6 December 2004

Fixed 1 bug which caused the program to crash on Windows XP Home because of memory allocation/deallocation problems. 

Version 3.02 2 December 2004

Fixed bug in some of the spreadsheet editors whereby deleting rows was not working properly.

Fixed 2 bugs which caused the program to crash because of memory allocation/deallocation problems.

Added a temporary banner to indicate that the software is starting. Better banner to come.

Version 3.01 27 November 2004

Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.00 24 November 2004:

Release of version 3.00.

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