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DOS Emulator for Windows XP

Ben Sternberg (University of Arizona), a long time colleague and friend, has discovered a very good DOS emulator after trying out maybe 20 packages. It is GNU freeware and can be found at

We do not have a lot of experience with this yet but we suggest our DOS users download and try it out.

Also, there seems to be two DOS emulators in XP, cmd.exe and They are not the same. It seems that C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe is the better of the two. Same goes for Vista.

Please see below: Helpful links for DOS software installation and use in Windows

We no longer support software protection (key diskette). We only support hardware key protection, using iButton keys or Rockeys. We can upgrade your software protection to hardware, using either parallel port or USB port keys..

If you are a registered user of Interpex DOS software, we can upgrade your hardware keys for a reasonable cost so the software will run under the newer Windows operating systems.

Depending on your current version, there may be an upgrade or update fee. In any case, the minimum fee for hardware key replacement is US$ 150.00.

Some users keep a DOS partition on their hard disk or keep a machine running DOS for the older style DOS packages. This is your best bet if you want to use the older iButton keys or software protection..

DOS packages will install and run on all systems up through Windows XP with the newer  hardware key and drivers. We can still supply the older iButton keys for use in pure DOS or systems up through Windows 98.

DOS packages will sometimes not install on modern windows system because it receives a false report about the system hardware configuration, in particular available memory. Software can be installed manually by creating a directory on the hard disk, copying the contents of the diskette(s) to that directory, and unzipping the contents of any zip files into the same directory. Or you can create a shortcut in which to run the install program by following the steps in Windows XP Support or Windows NT Support.

Please keep in mind that installing, running and especially printing with DOS software is not as clear cut on the newer operating systems.

Helpful links for DOS software installation and use in Windows:

Windows NT Support Installing Interpex products under Windows NT

Windows XP Support Installing Interpex products under Windows XP

How to run your Interpex DOS programs under Windows 2000 & XP

Windows printing solution for DOS Software Solve printing problems with DOS software in Windows.

Printing Solutions for DOS programs to unsupported printers [211 kb] Printing to non-supported printers using low cost shareware programs.

Windows 9x Configuration Guide for Interpex DOS Software  [135 kb]

Installation Guide for Interpex DOS Software  [51 kb]

Window NT configuration for Interpex DOS Software  [90 kb]

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