IX2D-GM is now being developed in a new environment!

Note that the exe file name has changed to IX2D-GM.exe

CURRENT VERSION 1.03 (2.28 Mb)
or use the direct link below

If you already have IX2D installed on your system you can download the smaller UPDATE (1.0 Mb).

Then unzip the files in the update to replace the IX2D .EXE.

There is also a  PDF Manual (0.7 Mb), ManualA4 (0.8 Mb) and a separate Help File (1.2 Mb).

Legacy CVF versions available here: Legacy Version 1.02 (4.8 Mb) or Legacy Update

Please see the Tutorials!


Version 1.03 26 August 2012

Fixed problem with calculations when profile coordinate was used ignoring East and North coords.

Version 1.02 5 February 2012

Fixed some minor problems with import of XYZ files.

Fixed problem with field strength, inclination and declination of the incident magnetic field being reset to default values.

Fixed problem with geometry not being copied if no bodies were present.

Added View/Deeper Model which makes the scale of the model graph about 50% deeper so bodies can be added graphically.

Fixed problem with dialog not appearing for timed or expired keys.

Fixed problem with crashing while adding bodies graphically.

Fixed problem with crashing when importing ASCII file.

Fixed problem with crashing when trying to invert without bodies or layers being present.

Fixed problem with model copy and paste not working.

Fixed problem with printer selection button missing in Vista onwards.

Changed storage location of configuration information to the user\Interpex directory.

Fixed problem with edge pointing overriding body pointing when model scale vertical exaggeration was far from 1

Improved inversion performance by allowing wider variation of vertex movement.

Fixed problem with inversion not working well on the first try.

Version 1.01 02 October 2010

Fixed problem with flat ASCII file import not working.

Fixed problem with crashing on entering first body after creating new data.

Fixed problems with graph and status bar labels always reverting to "m".

Fixed problems with profile and strike directions being reset when file was opened.

Implemented option to determine station coordinates from profile coordinates instead of map coordinates. This was never implemented, even in MAGIX, in spite of the fact that the option existed.

Fixed problem with regional synthetic not being saved.

Version 1.00 05 August 2010

Release of version 1.00.

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