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Version 1.06 March 2013

Added option in XYZ import to ignore lines in file that contain no VLF data. This is useful for importing files containing multiple data types where VLF data is not taken at every point. Magnetic and VLF data, for example.

Version 1.05 20 September 2011

Fixed problem with graphic exports (DXF, WMF, CGM) not working.

Fixed problem with graphs not updating after editing values.

Added ability to choose line colors for graph axes and labels, station points, stacked profiles and labels.

Profile plot now updates after editing data values

Now compiled with Intel v 12 compiler

Moved storage of INI file to User/Interpex directory

Version 1.04 4 November 2010:

Fixed problem with Hjelt depth section not displaying on last line.

Fixed problem with crashing while moving mouse on profile and Hjelt display.

Added auto-scale for color sections.

Fixed other minor bugs.

Version 1.03 24 November 2009:

Fixed problem with Hjelt filter crashing on long lines.

Fixed bugs and improved odometers in the profile and Hjelt depth windows.

Cursor now turns to crosshair when pointing at a profile point in profile window.

Fixed bug which allowed only in-phase component of Hjelt depth to be displayed.

Fixed a few minor other bugs such as synchronizing displays and labels when one is changed.

Fixed problem with color fill and contours not showing up if lines were loaded in decreasing order (software expected increasing order).

Version 1.02 18 September 2009:

ABEM WADI input is fixed to make it more friendly to files that are less than perfect.

XYZ input (among others) is fixed so read will not abort on read error unless trying to read a valid number from that location.

Version 1.01 28 May 2009:

ABEM WADI input is fixed to correct a bug.

ABEM WADI input is changed to allow fewer numbers than specified to be imported.

Uninstall capability is now added.

Fixed problem with append not working for Wadi files

10 November 2008:

PDF manual added to install

Version 1.00 12 October 2007:

Release of version 1.00.

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