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How to Pay:

Unless you have established credit, payment must be received before the order can be filled.

If paying by credit card, we no longer take credit cards directly, but instead take the cards through PayPal electronic invoices. You do not need to have a PayPal account to make payments this way. This is the fastest way to make payment and all we need is your e-mail address and the amount to be charged (including shipping, if applicable).

If paying by wire transfer, we need the billing and shipping address. We will wait until we receive the wire transfer before filling the order. This takes about 3 business days. Shareware orders less than US$500.00 will incur an additional Wire Transfer charge of US$30.00 to cover the cost of receiving the wire.

In either case we need to quote shipping and handling and/or issue a PayPal electronic invoice. For any orders that need to be shipped, a complete shipping address with postcode (if available) and phone number for the destination address is required. Even for shareware orders, we need a billing and shipping address to put on the invoice which will be sent by PDF attachment.

Shareware cannot be delivered until payment is made. On rare occasions, software will be shipped prior to receipt of payment but keys will be sent with 30-day timers. After payment is received, a code is sent to the end user so he can use the code to make the key permanent.

How to order Shareware:

Shareware is protected by user name and registration code. Examples are GeoMagix, IXSeg2Segy, IXVLF and IX1D version 2.

To fill a shareware order, we require a user name, at least 11 characters long. It should not be too long as it will appear on all screens and on all hard copy. User name must be your own name or your company name and may include a crew or division number. Do not make up a name. Blanks can be imbedded in the user name and count as characters. Examples of valid names might be "GeoSurveys International", "John D. Smith", "Mozambique Dept of Water and Environment". We require an e-mail address to which to send the Invoice and the Registration Sheet. Both of these will be sent by e-mail attachments in PDF format. For shareware orders, nothing will normally be sent by mail, unless you request a CD-ROM as discussed below.

We also require a shipping and billing address (they can be the same) to put on the invoice.

If you order shareware from one of our agents, our agent may include a CD with the shipment as a courtesy. Updates are downloaded from the web site, so the CD soon becomes obsolete.

Please note the license is by user name and registration code. Be careful to get the correct user name the first time. We cannot reissue registration codes for different user names without additional license fee unless it is a simple spelling error.

Unless you have established credit, payment must be received before the order can be filled.

Deliverables: For most shareware orders, shipment is made by e-mail. The only deliverable is a PDF registration sheet containing your user name and registration code and an invoice marked paid. The software and all documentation is downloaded by the user from our web site.

If a shareware order is made in connection with a software order, a CD-ROM is shipped with the order (except for GeoMagix). If a CD-ROM is desired, we can ship a CD-ROM by standard air mail for an additional US$25.00 and the cost of shipping, which depends on the destination. Airmail shipments are significantly less than courier shipments although not as reliable.

How to order Windows software:

Interpex will accept software orders by e-mail, FAX or phone. We need to know the name and address of the end user, including e-mail address so we can send update information. We also need to know if you want a parallel port or USB key. We normally ship a USB key by default.

We need a complete shipping address, including postal code if available. We also need a telephone number for the destination address.. We must ship a hardware key and we normally include a CD with the latest version as a courtesy. Updates are downloaded from the web site, so the CD soon becomes obsolete. The photo at the top of this page shows examples of CD-ROMs and packaging as well as USB keys.

Unless you have established credit, payment must be received before the order can be filled.

You can order by downloading and installing the software, and then filling out the ORDER.TXT form included in the installation directory. Mail or FAX this form to us (address and Fax number shown at top of this page). Alternatively, you can use your own purchase order form as long as it includes all the information.

Deliverables: Deliverables for software orders consist of a CD-ROM packaged as shown above and a USB Key (parallel keys are available as an alternative). All of the software, key drivers and documentation is contained on the CD-ROM. However, all of the contents of the CD can be downloaded from the Internet, in case the CD-ROM becomes lost or damaged.

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