IX1D v 2 is now being developed in a new environment!

Note that the exe file name has changed to IX1Dv2.exe

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If you already have IX1D v 2 installed on your system you can download the smaller UPDATE (1.4 Mb).

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There is also a  PDF Manual (1.2 Mb).

Legacy CVF versions available here: Legacy Version 2.18 (3.1 Mb) or Legacy Update

Version 2.21 1 May 2013

Fixed problem with import model not reading IP data.

INI file should now be stored in user\Interpex directory.

Uninstall is now supported since INSTALL.LOG is now created

Help file disconnect is repaired.

New version of DOStoWIN compiled under Intel Visual Fortran.

Version 2.20 17 April 2011

Ported code to Intel v 12 compiler and changed exe file name to IX1Dv2.exe. Old version compiled with Compaq compiler is frozen at v 2.18.

Added ability to fix and free resistivities and thickness/depth by right-clicking on layer.

Fixed Split Layer right-click option to insert new interface at right-click depth.

Added option to transfer synthetic values to data, adding noise if desired, for survey planning purposes.

Version 2.18 10 September 2009

Fixed problem with Add To and Multiply By not working in voltage/current editor

Version 2.17 14 August 2008

Fixed problem with IP not being properly implemented when voltages and currents are entered or edited.

Version 2.16 14 February 2008

Added pictures to Help file.

Added PDF manual.

Minor bug fixes.

Version 2.15 24 March 2006

Fixed display of user's name so long names display OK.

Fixed formatting of easting, northing and other coordinates in Edit/Data so that one decimal place is displayed and exponential format is no longer used.

Fixed problem with masking IP values.

Added graphical masking when right clicking on a data point.

Version 2.14 September 2005

Added Depth to the model printout.

Added longitudinal conductance and transverse resistance to the model export.

Added export for equivalent models to ASCII file.

Repaired problem with pole-pole calculations

Version 2.13 July 2005

Repaired problem with depth and thickness being mislabeled when printing the equivalence information.

Version 2.12 12 April 2005

Fixed it so the graphical model editing also works when model is displayed on data for DC Resistivity.

Version 2.11 April 2005

Fixed it so that special foreign language characters in the user's name were retained.

Version 2.10 October 2004

Added options for shifting in Schlumberger data: Shift to long spacings (default and formerly only option), Shift to short spacings or no shift at all. Also, shifting can be by shifting synthetics (default) or shifting data as before.

Version 2.09 March 2004

Added sentences to the help to clarify the entry of resistance data in the voltage/current editor. 

Improved implementation of USF read and write for TEM data.

Added number of turns in Tx loop to TEM data.

Fixed a bug in the opening of the windows help

Fixed loss of INI file. Now, INI file is read and INW file is created with registration information. If program crashes, old INI file is intact. If program successfully completes, new info is added to INW file, old INI file is deleted and INW file is renamed to INI.  

Version 2.08 February 2003

Fixed bug with EM Conductivity editor where both VMD and HMD would be tested and loaded, even if HMD only or VMD only were selected.

Fixed bug with EM Conductivity data scaling where both VMD and HMD would be scaled, even if HMD only or VMD only were selected.  

Version 2.07 December 2002

Added feature to File/Open to detect and report attempts to open files which are READ-ONLY.

Fixed bug where Spacing was labeled as Frequency on flat EM Conductivity file import

Added columns for import of Height and Spacing to INI file for flat EM Conductivity file import

Fixed problem with horizontal label's being "Spacing" for Central and Coincident Loop Data

Added number of sweeps selection for File/New/TEM Data

Fixed problems with Insert Row and Delete Row for several of the spreadsheet data editors.

Fixed MT data import so data would import even if error bar(s) was(were) specified and not there. 

Added help documentation for TEM data editor.

Reduced distance necessary to show data point information on left click and added change of cursor to crosshairs when near to a data point.

Version 2.06 November 2002

Fixed problem where IP would be added to the model for data with 2 ordinates: MT, MaxMin, EM Conductivity.

Increased number of significant figures in flat ASCII file export

Fixed problem that flat ASCII file import of TEM data did not work.

Added voltage and current to binary file - they were previously omitted.

Supplied a program DOStoWIN which is designed to read the binary files from the old DOS software packages and write out a file in IX1D .IXR format for each data set. At present, this reads only RXP files from RESIX and RESIX Plus.

Version 2.05 October 2002

Fixed auto-scale for model layers so that depths would not occur exactly at top or bottom of display.

Changed "Rho" label in model editor to read "Sigma" instead for EM Conductivity data.

Added list of frequencies and spacings for Geonics EM Conductivity instruments in pop-up dialog.

Fixed problems with calculations for EM Conductivity data.

Fixed problem with not loading EM Conductivity in data editor (Open Geometry) when height values were 0.

Fixed problem with data being erased when using New Sounding and then Cancel.

Fixed problem with numeric labels on horizontal axis being shifted too far left.

Added length units to editor dialogs

Fixed problem with being able to graphically create models with negative thickness.

Fixed problem with creating EM Conductivity data regarding line/symbol color

Fixed problem with model not being updated sometimes when inversions were run from edit model dialog.

Added line width to view properties dialog. Old line width was hard wired to 1 (thinnest line). Now default is 2.

Fixed bug where model would go off scale and not rescale properly when model was plotted on same axis as data and inversion, model estimation or smooth model estimating was used.

Fixed auto-scale for model layers so that depths would not occur exactly at top or bottom of display when model was plotted on top of data.

Fixed bug where model was not switched to include IP when resistivity/IP data were imported or created with File/New.

Version 2.04 July 2002

Fixed bug in Frequency Domain EMwhere models specified with depth instead of thickness did not work properly, including smooth models.

Added EM Conductivity to IX1D.

Version 2.04 JULY 2002

Added NS and EW arrows when close enough to edit model graphically

Added TEM capability except for Geonics (or other instrument) import.

Fixed bug where graph repaints during data editing would cause crash.

Fixed bug in editors where add cell/delete cell did not work for checkbox mask or fix data.

Fixed bug in editor which prevented open geometry from loading any values for some data types.

Added User Name label to well log plots

Fixed bug in well log plots where both plots would coincide if all 4 plots were turned off and then turned back on.

Fixed bug in NS and EW arrows where the depth interface arrow would appears even if cursor was not within range of layer resistivities.

Version 2.03 June 2002

Fixed problem with too long a user name to enter into register dialog.

Version 2.00 18 January 2002:

The capability of forward and inverse modeling Frequency Domain EM data has been added.

This What's New file has been started.


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