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If you already have IXRefraX installed on your system you can download the smaller UPDATE (1.4 Mb).

Then unzip the files in the update to replace the IXRefraX .EXE.

There is also a  PDF Manual (1.3 Mb), ManualA4 (1.4 Mb) and a separate Help File (1.7 Mb).

Please see the Tutorials!

The IXRefraX install comes with a demo data set IXRefraXDemo.RFX.
To download the keyed shots to go with this,
 Click Here (0.8 Mb).

Download the SAGEEP 2011 "Shootout" data sets:

Full Shootout Dataset or Trimmed Shootout Dataset

Version 1.14 26 April 2010

Added "faults" (horizontal refractor velocity discontinuities) to GRM interpretation so velocity
analysis curves are split into segments at each "fault". Faults can be added in the GRM results
windows, the shot pair analysis window and the X-Y analysis window.

Extensive revision of help file and manual to reflect new features, correct minor errors and
omissions and to more fully document the GRM interpretation features.

Added functionality to read and decode first break information from SIP and SIPWin *.PIK files
if a file with the same name as the SEG-2 file but with the PIK extension is found in the same
directory and the breaks are not stored in the SEG-2 file.

Fixed problem with radio buttons in Depth Section dialog.

Fixed problem with offline data not being saved after being edited in shot header. Note that
offline data are not currently used.

Added odometer display to velocity display in GRM interpretation Also upgraded several other
odometers so cursor position and other pertinent information is displayed on the status bar.

Added velocity display option for GRM results in main window.

Added display of reciprocal times while editing by moving time-depth curve.

Added editing of reciprocal times by right-clicking on time-depth curve.

Added autoscale of velocity colors.

Added ability to edit topography values.

Added several new hot keys. Most hot keys are shown in the menu in parentheses.

Fixed bug in Tools/Add Layer and bug in Tools/Resample Layers

Version 1.13 14 January 2010

Added functionality to read and decode first break information from Geometrics *.VS files if a file with the same name as the SEG-2 file but with the VS extension is found in the same directory and the breaks are not stored in the SEG-2 file.

Added .SEG to the list of searched-for file extensions when importing (SEG-Y) files.

Added functionality in trace display and shot header editor to flip trace geometry.

Added force to SEG-Y read when trace file extension is SGY.

Fixed problem with simple and Hatherly pick when trace values were small (max less than 1).

Fixed problem with saving SEG-Y trace data.

Added first break index to bytes 233-236 of trace header in SEG-Y format.

Fixed SEG-Y import and export to set last 4 bytes of trace headers to "BRAK" if first break data are in 233-236 and to test for that. Picked flag is set to FALSE if no picks are detected.

Fixed problem with program crashing when using Survey Planning/Create Model.

Fixed problem with crashing and/or retaining last model found in flat layer refraction interpretation in cases where suitable break point(s) not found.

Fixed problem with velocity analysis curves having too small an allocated range when geophone spacing was smaller than average.

Fixed problem with arrival assignment and reciprocal time flags being reset with minor or no edits.

Fixed problem with program crashing if Calculate/Invert Model was used after canceling out of Estimate Model.

Calculate/Invert model now just does one iteration per use.

Added more functionality to odometers that show the mouse position as the mouse is moved around inside the graphs.

In edit 2-D model mode, using the right mouse button now drags the entire layer, while left button drags a single vertex.

When dragging a vertex or layer in 2-D model display mode, the model is checked upon release and illegal models with overlapping polygons are disallowed. Model is backed up towards the original model until it is legal.

Added ability to change user name using Help/Register.

Using Help in the Assign Arrivals mode takes you to the help for Assign Arrivals.

Description of Assign arrivals regarding use of left/right mouse buttons to move layer transitions is improved in the manual and help files.

Added ability to change background color of trace picking window.

Fixed problem with break picks not being imported from FIRSTPIX FPX files.

Version 1.12 20 May 2009

Fixed limited implementation of borehole data import.

Added dialog to be displayed at startup if key is temporary key, indicating expiration status and date, days left.

Added Uninstall capability

Version 1.11 15 August 2008

Added more detail to message when header strings are longer than 4096 characters.

Added ability to delete points on individual time-depth curves

Added shot file name to shot header edit dialog.

Estimate Model now retains present velocities and depths in subsequent uses if number of layers do not change.

View is refreshed after first Save or after Save As.

Added menu and hot key controls for changing gain settings in trace window.

Version 1.10 February 2008

Added a menu for survey design. Create survey creates a spread from user input, gets model velocities and depths from user and creates synthetic data. Create Model creates a model using existing geometry.

Added a Transfer Synthetic to Data to the File menu. This copies the synthetics to the data for testing, adding noise if desired.

Fixed problem with travel time label being set to Velocity when View/Properties was used in GRM window.

Version 1.09 September 2007

Added a feature to handle a geophone string geometry that is not monotonically increasing or decreasing, where geophones are placed out of order.

Fixed a bug which would result in files not able to be saved in cases where a GRM interpretation was attempted but failed because no overlapping segments were found.

Fixed a bug which caused highlighted travel time curves to appear on shot window instead of main window.

Added capability to import east and north coordinates along with elevation coordinates

Fixed GRM interpretation so waiting for confirmation and pressing esc to delete segment would work.

Fixed scaling for velocities in cases where large surface or slope/intercept velocities existed.

Fixed minor problems with display of shots in GRM interpretation

Version 1.08 21 August 2007

Fixed problem with Edit Shot Headers which appeared when some traces were dead.

Fixed import so all traces get picked to at least the first sample (so there are no dead traces by default).

Version 1.07 26 July 2007

Added capability to read IEEE as well as IBM Floating point format from SEG-Y files.

Units (m or f) are now read/written from/to GRM files.

Added capability to label graphs.

Fixed bug in GRM file import (shot elevations)

Added odometers to GRM section displays

Added label capability to GRM section displays

Added GRM options that were in GREMIX, allowing full GRM, partial GRM, optimum X-Y analysis and Time-Delay analysis.

Added capability to edit the colors of the lines on the graphs.

Added capability to draw arcs and error bars at the same time.

Revised tutorial and help file to match added capabilities.

Version 1.06 27 October 2006:

Fixed bug that caused crash when topography was imported but no valid values were found.

Fixed bug that caused crash when topography was loaded before a GRM result was present.

Added a command in the Edit menu to clear topography values.

Fixed bug which could cause the estimated model to rise above topography.

Fixed bug which resulted in some reciprocal time estimates being skipped.

Version 1.05 26 September 2006:

Added import/export of multi-shot flat ASCII files and tested/compared with Rayfract examples.

Fixed bug in GRM file import which disallowed reciprocal time estimates.

Added reciprocal time value to status bar display in the GRM analysis window.

Fixed GRM import so that file name is used as data set name if data set name in GRM file is blank.

Added menu option Edit/Shot Headers, which allows you to step forward and backward through the shot headers and edit them. It works in a manner similar to Edit/Pick Breaks.

Added enhanced support for shot depth and uphole time data.

Added menu item Edit/Shift Data in shot trace display window to shift data to match current picks.

Changed the shot header editor so that the delay time can be edited.

Version 1.04 23 August 2006:

Added AutoCAD Script SCR output for elevation interfaces (surface and refractors)

Fixed bug which would cause a crash if Calculate/Estimate Model was aborted by pressing Cancel in the Refraction Layer Parameters dialog.

Allow view of Depth and Elevation in GRM analysis for 1 refractor (was for 2 or more).

Added min and max segment lengths to Automatic GRM Interpretation Parameters dialog when Revise Parameters is used.

Fixed problem with mouse pointing not working after canceling out of GRM analysis.

Changed the way the geophone spacing is calculated to make it more robust when errors in position occur.

Fixed so shot record files will be opened if left in their original directory position or if they are in the same directory as the RFX project file.

Fixed status bar display to indicate reciprocal times which have been edited by the user.

Version 1.03 August 2006:

Added printing capability for all child windows from GRM analysis window.

Added ability to move to previous/next segment for flat layer velocity analysis and GRM velocity analysis pairs.

Added saving of graph label edits to INI file.

Improved status bar displays in GRM analysis windows.

Added graphical editing of XY values for segments.

Fixed minor problem with calculation of average geophone spacing.

Added capability to graphically edit depth results from GRM analysis using the mouse.

Fixed pop-up trace window to not display unless cursor is within trace data when traces are displayed at geophone position.

Added Hatherly, Box and Wavelet picking methods, including Select Wavelet and View Wavelet.

Fixed a bug in the time-depth calculation where the last term (XY/V') was not being taken into account.

Fixed problem where the shot header was still attempted to be edited even if shot record file was not found.

Fixed problem where shot header edits would be made permanent even if cancel was pressed.

Added an option to specify XYZ line direction by tie point and direction or beginning and end points.

Changed tie point coordinate fields in dialog to fixed format with one decimal point.

Grayed out additional menu items which are not available when no data are loaded.

Implemented fill thickness in display of forward model layers.

Version 1.02 3 May 2006:

Implemented DXF, CGM and WMF graphic output.

Added a check for file existence when opening trace data files.

Added a feature in View/Properties to color fill only the top section of each layer.

Fixed problem with Occam's inversion of layer interfaces.

Fixed problem with color fill not working correctly sometimes.

Added a feature to turn error bar display on and off.

Fixed problems with appending data to a spread.

Fixed problems with automatically generated geometry.

Added masking for shots and a flag to plot masked shots or not. Masking effectively removes the entire shot from the data set, temporarily.

Elevation data is now added to shot headers when a shot header is edited.

Added the columns for elevation data import to the INI file so they are saved from run to run.

Fixed problem with crashing on new spread when draw rays was selected.

Fixed bug in forward calculations for more than 2 layers.

Fixed problem with reciprocal time graphical edits not being retained.

Fixed problem with only one-fourth of reciprocal times being saved

Fixed problem with topography not being plotted

Added layer number to status bar display when pointing at a time-depth curve

Added spinners to float fields in Automatic GRM Interpretation Parameters dialog.

Fully implemented zoom feature in GRM windows.

Fixed bugs in autoscaling of GRM results.

Various other minor fixes.

Version 1.01 26 March 2006:

For SEG-2 and SEG-Y data files, processed and picked trace records can be saved from trace display window.

Picking window added to trace display window in GRM interpretation.

In main data display window, pointing at a time/distance point on a travel time curve "lights up" that curve.

Implemented masking of time/distance points on travel time curves.

Version 1.00 9 March 2006:

Release of version 1.00.

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