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Interpex New Software Naming: New software names start with IX for InterpeX. Second part of name describes what the software does!


IX1D Sounding Inversion Software
IX1D v 3
(say “Eye Eks One Dee”)

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IX1D v3 performs forward and inverse modeling in terms of a layered earth with resistivity and optional IP parameter for most sounding methods (DC, FEM, TEM, MT, EM Conductivity). 

IX1D v 3 also does smooth modeling in terms of many layers and equivalence analysis of the inverted layered model.

It also allows for well log viewing, reduction and plotting.

IX1D v3 can hold many soundings in its data base. It supports import of profiles as well as creation of profiles from imported soundings.

IX1D v3 is hardware key protected. Current price is US$999.00 for all methods except TEM. IX1D v 3 with TEM option price is US$3,499. Shipping is extra and depends on destination.


(say “Eye Eks Refracts”)

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IXRefraX is an integrated software package for processing and interpreting seismic refraction data using the Generalized Reciprocal Method of Dereke Palmer.

IXRefraX can import tabulated travel time data from ASCII files or shot record trace data directly. Shot records can be imported from virtually any SEG-1 as well as SEG-2 and SEG-Y formats. Format is automatically recognized.

First break picking is integrated into the system and breaks can be examined and repicked from almost any point in the interpretation flow.

The GRM interpretation is automated with manual override. Segment masking and arrival reassignment is easily accessed from the GRM interpretation window.

IXRefrax is hardware key protected. Current price is US$1,499.00 plus shipping.


(say “Eye Eks Two Dee - Gee Em”)

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IX2D-GM is a software package for interpreting gravity and magnetics data in terms of 2-D polygonal models including bodies and layers. Bodies can be truncated asymmetrically. Layers close at virtual infinity.

IX2D-GM can import data from flat ASCII, XYZ ASCII or MAGIX ASCII and binary files. Data can be copied from third party spreadsheets and pasted into IX2D spreadsheets.

Forward calculations are carried out in real time as you move vertices, groups of vertices or bodies. Vertices can be locked together so they move as a group, following the leader vertex.

Vertices, groups of vertices and body parameters can be free to vary during the ridge-regression inversion process, so that the model can be automatically updated to improve the fit.

IX2D-GM is hardware key protected. Current price is US$1,499.00 plus shipping. A discount is available for registered MAGIX users.

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