Interpex is a software company dedicated to the production of high quality affordable software for the processing, interpretation and display of geophysical data.

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Payment can be made by check, credit card (via PayPal electronic invoice), PayPal accounts or by wire transfer to our bank account.

Checks should be made out to Interpex Limited and in US Dollars drawn on a US bank. If a credit history has not been established, payment by check must be made in advance of filling the order.

We no longer accept payment by credit cards directly. All credit card payments are made through PayPal electronic invoices. You do not need a PayPal account to pay this way. Simply press the Pay Now button on the electronic invoice and follow the instructions to securely enter your payment information into the payment form.

Payment can be made by direct wire transfers into our bank. Please contact us for complete bank details. We furnish complete details on every Invoice, Pro Forma Invoice or Quotation.

For small orders, a wire transfer fee will be added to the order total as we lose up to US$45.00 in wire transfer fees. Please contact us in advance before using wire transfers to make payment for orders less than US$500.00.

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