Interpex is a software company dedicated to the production of high quality affordable software for the processing, interpretation and display of geophysical data.

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Shareware is software that is delivered and licensed totally electronically. Nothing physical, like a diskette, CD or manual is normally delivered. Thus, no shipping charges apply.

Shareware is downloaded from our web site and is partially functional until registered. Registration is normally made by user name and registration code. User name must be your own name or your company name and may include a crew or division number. A registration code is furnished upon prepayment of the registration fee and is sent electronically via e-mail.

Shareware can also be registered to a particular computer. This is useful for things like student computer labs.

Some shareware is limited in functionality until registered. Some shareware is furnished with demonstration data. Shareware is fully functional when used with the supplied demonstration data, but has very limited functionality when used with your own data without registration.

Shareware comes with Windows Help and this is the replacement for what was normally a manual with the DOS software. More recently, we have supplied most shareware with a PDF manual, which becomes hard copy if you print it out and bind it yourself. The low distribution cost and the absence of printing, packaging and mailing costs allows Interpex to supply a good software product at a low price.

Some shareware is an entry level for full blown software, and can be upgraded to the more functional product for the difference in price.


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