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DOS Emulator for Windows XP

Ben Sternberg (University of Arizona), a long time colleague and friend, has discovered a very good DOS emulator after trying out maybe 20 packages. It is GNU freeware and can be found at

We do not have a lot of experience with this yet but we suggest our DOS users download and try it out.

Because not all of our packages have been ported to Windows,

And because some users prefer the DOS platform, we do not plan to discontinue our DOS software. We no longer sell software protected DOS packages, only those protected by a hardware key. This is because we have had problems with installing DOS software protected packages on some of the newer operating systems.

Some users keep a DOS partition on their hard disk or keep a machine running DOS for the older style DOS packages. This is your best bet.

DOS packages (Except GRADIX) will install and run on all systems up through Windows XP with the right hardware key and drivers. We can still supply the older iButton keys for use in pure DOS or systems up through Windows 98.

Please keep in mind that installing, running and especially printing with DOS software is not as clear cut on the newer operating systems.

To see a list of our current DOS software offerings, click here.

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