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File Size

File Description

Tape Utility Demo

2.6 Mb The Windows Tape Utility Demo is a self-extracting archive file. It allows you to launch the actual program and see how it looks. It also allows you to dump and display the contents of one block per session. The demo has no other functionality.

SeisViewer Demo Program
(Download SeisViewer EXTRA files below as well)

6.2 Mb


The Windows SeisViewer Demo Program is a self-extracting archive file. It allows you to launch the program, view, annotate, draw and print with an actual dataset. If you try to view your own data, it will give you an error message saying, "Failed to open file. Reason: File is not listed in svdemo.lst."

SeisViewer EXTRA Files

763 kb Windows SeisViewer Demo Files are contained in a self-extracting archive file which you must download in addition to the program itself. They give the demo its functionality.

Instructions to install the TapeIO or SeisViewer Demonstration program

1. Once you have downloaded an SPW Demo files onto your Windows-based machine, double-click on the .EXE files to install the SPW Demo. It will display a message saying, "This self-extracting archive will create an InstallShield setup in a folder you specify and will automatically begin the InstallShield program to install your SPW Demo."

2. Click OK. This will create a temporary directory from which your demo will be installed, and will lead you through the rest of the installation process.

3. If you are installing the SeisViewer demonstration, you need to install the additional files located in SVEXTRAS.EXE. To do this double-click on the svextras.exe file. This will launch a dialog box that requires you to enter a directory in which to extract the files. Specify the same directory as the program directory used in step 1. 

4. After you have successfully installed your SPW Demo, launch the application by double-clicking on the application executable or the shortcut on the START MENU

5. Finally, when the InstallShield installation has completed successfully, you may wish to delete the Install Temp folder with its contents, which is left on your disk.

Please contact Interpex should you need any additional documentation on the demonstration programs or help in running the programs.